What Our Clients Say

A personalised health and fitness program that fits in my daily life What inspired me the most, wasn’t only the beauty of Noosa, or the luxurious venue at the Outrigger, the beautiful beaches, the great and healthy food, or the tailored fitness programs, (more…)

We found the perfect combination between sports & relaxation… because we went on the Bodibreak together we have a combined program for back home plus some great meals! It’s fitted in perfectly with both our busy schedules. Barb & Fern 

Nikki takes a holistic approach to health..leading the way in implementing a complete approach to health and fitness. …I was given the knowledge to correct nutrition, the importance of core muscles, quality fitness techniques, and strategies to incorporate exercise into daily living.  (more…)

Emily’s Bodibreak Testimonial: Nikki is someone you want to have around you and this quality overflows into Life A Gym. She is bursting with passion for life and for other people to enjoy life with all that it offers. …Life’s A Gym provides such unique and amazing opportunities for people who need some new motivation, to be around like-minded people or for those who just want to feel great in a beautiful location” Emily

Bodibreaks Ambassador Shantelle Saville: As a big believer in turning dreams to reality, becoming the face of the Life’s a Gym Bodibreak Series is a true testimate that dreams do come true. It has always been my dream to inspire people in amazing locations and Life’s a Gym has provided me with the vehicle to make this possible.

Nothing says vitality more then being social, active and spending time outdoors with like- minded people while enjoying 5 Star food, surroundings and hospitality.

These retreats are like no other, I think of them as elite retreats designed specifically for you to kick start a routine and take control of what is most important in life, YOU!


I’ve tried all kinds of diets – but after the Bodibreak I learnt it was all about balance & knowing your choices. I came back home feeling well informed, prepared & it’s been easy to integrate with my family.


Super Program I had forgotten how it felt to jump out of bed in the morning – thanks to a great team & super program I am a new person – It’s taken weight off – both physically & mentally!

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